About Our School

Our Guiding Motto: ``Help Me Do It Myself``

Our campuses are located in North Point and Tin Hau on Hong Kong Island. Our Montessori teachers are Montessori trained, including Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) and American Montessori Society (AMS). We believe that each child has diverse needs, interests and abilities that should be nurtured in an environment where his/her cognitive, social, emotional and physical needs are met; and unique potentialities maximized. Our main Montessori principles are:

  • Respect the child in his personality and integrity as an individual.
  • Support the child in developing his will, giving him the opportunity to work independently and to make his own choices.
  • Help him overcome difficulties.

According to Montessori philosophy, the optimal time for developing and honing core life skills is between 0 to 6 years of age. The knowledge and skills learned in the Montessori environment will help the child become a critical thinker, problem solver and lifelong learner.

Our Graduates

The excellence of our programs is reflected in the fact that our graduates advance to top schools. Here are some of the primary schools recent graduates have moved on to:

International School 65%
Private Primary School 14%
Direct Subsidy School 3%
Local School 18%
  • Australian International School Hong Kong 香港澳洲國際學校
  • Bradbury School 英基白普理小學
  • Canadian International School of Hong Kong 香港加拿大國際學校
  • Chinese International School 漢基國際學校
  • Christian Alliance P.C. Lau Memorial International School 宣道會劉平齋紀念國際學
  • Delia School of Canada 地利亞加拿大學校
  • Discovery Montessori Academy香港國際蒙特梭利學校
  • English Schools Foundation 英基學校協會
  • ESF Quarry Bay School 英基鰂魚涌小學
  • French International School of Hong Kong香港法國國際學校
  • German Swiss International School (GSIS) 德瑞國際學校
  • Hong Kong International School香港國際學校
  • International Christian School 基督教國際學校
  • Korean International School of Hong Kong 韓國國際學校
  • Shrewsbury International School Hong Kong 思貝禮國際學校
  • Singapore International School 新加坡國際學校
  • The Harbour School 港灣學校
  • The Independent Schools Foundation Academy 弘立書院
  • The International Montessori School 蒙特梭利國際學校
  • Yew Chung International School 耀中國際學校
  • Creative Primary School 啟思小學
  • Diocesan Girls’ Junior School 拔萃女小學
  • HKCA Po Leung Kuk School 保良局建造商會學校
  • Kiangsu and Chekiang Primary School 蘇浙小學
  • Rosaryhill School (Primary Section) 玫瑰崗學校(小學部)
  • Sacred Heart Canossian School (Private Section) 嘉諾撒聖心學校(私立部)
  • St. Clare’s Primary School 聖嘉勒小學
  • St. Francis of Assisi’s English Primary School 聖方濟各英文小學
  • St. Louis School (Primary Section) 聖類斯中學(小學部)
  • Victoria Shanghai Academy 滬江維多利亞學校
  • Diocesan Boys’ School Primary Division 拔萃男書院附屬小學
  • St. Margaret’s Co-educational English Secondary and Primary School 聖瑪加利男女英文中小學
  • St. Paul’s Co-educational College Primary School 聖保羅男女中學附屬小學
  • Catholic Mission School 天主教總堂區學校
  • Chinese Methodist School, Tanner Hill 丹拿山循道學校
  • Hennessy Road Government Primary School (Causeway Bay) 軒尼詩道官立小學(銅鑼灣)
  • Marymount Primary School 瑪利曼小學
  • North Point Government Primary School 北角官立小學
  • North Point Methodist Primary School 北角衛理小學
  • Pun U Association Wah Yan Primary School 番禺會所華仁小學
  • S.K.H. Kei Yan Primary School 聖公會基恩小學
  • St. Joseph’s Primary School 聖若瑟小學
  • TaiKoo Primary School 太古小學