Montessori education is a philosophy through which everything relevant to the life of the child, during their particular stage of development, is provided in an appropriate, stimulating and sensitive environment, so that learning through discovery and self-direction is nurtured. The purpose of Montessori education is twofold: to help the individual to reach self-awareness and self-worth and, to fully develop the individual's various potentialities.

We offer Montessori programs for children aged 18 months to 7 years:

Advance to
Advance to
16-24 months
(Depends on age)
16-24 months
(Depends on age)
18-36 months
(Depends on age)
20-36 months
(Depends on age)
2-3 years
Casa (Kindergarten)
3-6 years
Grade 1
3-7 years

Playgroup students advance to PNSS, Pre-Casa (Pre-Nursery) or Casa (Kindergarten) depending on age.


We offer playgroups for toddlers aged 16-36 months. Parental/caregiver supervision is required.

Our regular playgroups are English-speaking. An English/Putonghua bilingual program is available for children already attending nursery school or kindergarten elsewhere.

Students are introduced to the Montessori environment where they learn at their own pace and develop social skills, work habits, confidence and independence. The specially designed Montessori environment awakens their sense of discovery and awareness and they will develop a love of learning.

The Curriculum includes:

  • Practical life activities and skills including socialization and group sharing
  • Sensorial
  • Language
  • Crafts and music
  • [For PNSS - Pre-Nursery Stepping Stone program only] Gradual separation leading to independence in preparation for the Pre-Casa (Pre-Nursery) program.

Playgroup Program Details


This is a one-year program designed for 2-3 year olds who are ready to attend class by themselves.

The primary language of instruction is English. Chinese (Putonghua) is taught as a second language.

We help students develop in the following areas:

  • Language and Literacy
  • Cognitive
  • Physical
  • Social-Emotional

Admission priority is given to playgroup students.

Pre-Casa (Pre-Nursery) Program Details

Kindergarten K1-K3

This is an enriched program for children aged 3 to 6+ years.

The primary language of instruction is English. Chinese (Putonghua) is taught as a second language.

This program gives students a solid academic foundation in preparation for their elementary years in local or international schools. The curriculum includes:

  • Language
  • Mathematics
  • Practical Life
  • Sensorial
  • Geography, Botany, Zoology, Art and Music

Admission priority is given to Pre-Casa (Pre-Nursery) students.

Casa (Kindergarten K1-K3) Program Details

Summer Camp

A Montessori Summer is a vibrant day camp for 3-7 year olds. This is an enriched English-speaking program with Montessori activities, reading, writing, vocabulary building, science experiments, arts and crafts, theme-based activities and projects.

This program runs from mid-July to mid-August every year. Registration opens in April.

Summer Camp Program Details